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4 Facebook Page Tips for Authors (that will help you dominate the internet)

Facebook pages allow authors, whether mainstream, indie, or self-published, to connect with readers on the social network they use most. Here are four important tips to help increase engagement on your Facebook page and ultimately sell more books.

Post Dynamic Content
LIKES on Facebook are great, but true engagement is about good content, and engagement is what leads to sales. What are your fans interested in? Sneak peeks of your newest book? Reviews? Author or Character interviews? Fanart? Mentions of discounts or when you might run free eBook days on Amazon can garner a lot of shares and interest, as well as book recommendations. Silly posts, quotes, or images, can also work well when varied with other content. Ideally your posts should be relevant or entertaining enough to encourage fans to share with friends, getting your name in front of more potential readers.

Update Consistently
Finding the right balance in update frequency can be tricky. You need to have a consistent presence so that fans interact with your page rather than simply LIKE it, but without oversaturating them with content. Every other day, or 2-4 times a week, is often best.

Always Reply
Even more important than the content you provide is how you continue to engage in the conversation when people respond to your posts. Fans who comment on the pages they LIKE want to hear back; they want to be engaged and know you are listening. Timeliness is also important, because a prompt response shows you care about your readers and their comments. Responding to happy and dissatisfied readers alike helps build trust and loyalty to your author platform.

Include Eye-catching Images
The first thing a new fan sees when they visit your page is the large banner image provided by Facebook’s Timeline. This allows you to showcase your books with beautiful imagery right at the forefront. Images are also important with individual posts the same way an image aids in bringing in traffic to a blog.


This is the digital age of publishing. Readers find content online more often than they do in the bookstore; and social media, whether Facebook, Twitter, or community sites, are where readers go to engage with each other and YOU about the books they enjoy. Whatever you post about, and however else you might use Facebook, engagement is always key, because LIKING a page doesn’t mean a reader is going to buy a book—engagement that keeps them coming back to your page CAN.

Don’t forget to create your own Author, Book, or Book Series Facebook Page! Have a great page already, or LIKE one of someone else’s? Share it in the comments!

Written by: Derek Murphy

Derek is a book cover designer finishing a PhD in Literature. These days he spends his time building tools and resources to help indie authors publish better on his blog, Read More


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