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4 Tips for Indie Authors Who are Ready to Get Their Book Published

(By Sasa Calunod)

So you’re ready to publish a book. It may sound easy for some, but there is actually a lot you need to know before you get your book out there. It is quite necessary to be familiar with the whole publishing process, regardless if you’ve done it once or many times in the past. You especially need to do some studying if it is your first time.

Having your book published is like harvesting a pearl from an oyster. An oyster goes through a lot of pain, and it takes a lot of years before the pearl is formed. An author does not necessarily experience pain (except maybe back pains), but he goes through a lot of challenges while trying to create a masterpiece. A book does not really to take years to finish too. The point is, for both, it takes some time and a great deal of effort. This is probably the reason why many authors make mistakes from hasty decisions once they have completed a project. Who could blame them? The moment you finish something you’ve been working tirelessly on, of course, you couldn’t wait to share it and eventually sell it.

What makes you an independent author?

Being an indie author means you are in charge of everything with regards to your book, from its completion to its finishing touches, finally, its publishing. However, just because being independent means not depending on anybody else, it doesn’t follow that an indie author has to do everything by himself.

Today, publishing has become easier compared to the traditional process. It’s become so accessible, yes, but it doesn’t mean a guaranteed success. You will still definitely need help from others, preferably a team of professionals whom you can work closely with. You just have to go with people who are dedicated to helping indie authors in publishing their book, while making sure to have the spotlight shone on you and your book.

So if you’re ready, I have some tips for you (indie or not) on getting your book published:

1. Consider all your possible options. You don’t want to jump in on publishing right away just because someone you know will do it for you, or someone offers to publish your book for a low price. Remember, you can’t put a price on anything that is of high quality. Also, you don’t have to go with the modern way if you feel like traditional publishing works better for you. But if time matters to you, online publishing is the best option.

2. Select a team, preferably a group of people who think like you do. I know how important it is to get a suggestion from someone with views contradictory to yours, but it is better to have a crew that shares your views, who at the same time, are capable of thinking outside the box.

3. Get to know and interact with your fellow indie authors. Social media is the most powerful tool for any independent business these days. You just have to seek some support from other self-publishing authors so that you can have an exchange of thoughts on publishing. They can refer you a publisher who they were satisfied working with, and you can do the same for them.

4. Be a hands-on marketer. This is probably the best tip anyone can give to an indie author. Although earlier I have mentioned about the necessity of being backed up by a team, it doesn’t mean you’re left with nothing to do. You must always check on the progress of the promotion for your book.

Apply any or all of these tips and I’m pretty sure you’re truly ready to get published.

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