6 Things You Need to Start Trading Binary Options Right Now.[read]

Start Earning money today6 Things You Need to Start Trading Binary Options Right Now.[read]

6 Things You Need to Start Trading Binary Options Right Now

6 Things You Need to Start Trading Binary Options Right Now

If you want to get into binary options trading and you are looking into trading as a way you might make a living, you may be thinking one of two things.

1. It is really easy to get into binary options trading! I can start with $100! I am going to invest tomorrow!

2. This is going to be really challenging to get into. It could be years before I have what I need to even think about trading.

Neither of these assumptions is accurate. Hopefully you do not fall in either of these extreme camps, but odds are you lean one way or the other. Either you are seduced by the seeming ease of becoming a binary options trader and the apparently low entry barriers, or you are going to psych yourself out of trading because there seems to be a thousand things to do before you can start.

Why both of these assumptions are a trap:

If you believe that you really can get started as a binary options trader tomorrow with $100 and some luck on your side, you are only going to lose money. Eventually, you will probably give up.

If you always can imagine another “to-do” item before you can think about trading live, you might put yourself out of play indefinitely and never get started trading.

So what do you really need to start trading binary options? Let’s go over the most important things. This is what you need at an absolute minimum to start trading successfully . Remember, you can trade with $100 and zero knowledge or experience, but you can only win if you have more resources and knowledge going in!

1. A trustworthy binary options broker

Before you can start trading binary options, you need to choose a company to entrust with your money. Your binary options trader executes trades on your behalf after you send in your orders, and you are relying on them to give you a fair price and steer you clear of slippage wherever possible. If you choose an untrustworthy or unreliable broker, your orders may be filled at different prices than you expect, and you could find yourself losing money through no fault of your own. You also might have a hard time getting your money out of your account when you want to cash out!

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How do you go about finding a top-notch broker? I am going to save you a lot of time and point you toward our recommended brokers list. I cannot even tell you how many countless hours we spent putting this list together on our site. It took a huge amount of research to hunt down these brokers and verify that they offer transparent, reliable service, and that traders can trust them with their money. As you can see, there really are only about a dozen that we trust. That is a dozen out of hundreds of binary options brokers! The majority are scammers or simply offer inefficient, unreliable service, and we strongly recommend you avoid them.

2. A reliable connection and a conducive trading schedule

In order to successfully trade binary options, you need to actually be able to place your orders. That means having an internet connection you can rely on, whether on a desktop, laptop, or mobile device. I strongly recommend you do all or most of your trading on a desktop or laptop if you can manage it! You will find the larger screen very helpful when it comes to planning trades. A mobile can help you to work around obstacles in your schedule, and may help you to trade while you are at work or on the go.

Scheduling can be a major hurdle for some traders, who may have developed systems that work best during hours when they are sleeping or at the office. There are a few ways around this. The first is to think about scheduling before you develop a trading method. See if you can choose a method which will work with your existing schedule. The second is to use technology in such a way that you can still trade during inconvenient times. Alerts might help you while you sleep, for example. You can also try to pick expiry times which are compatible with your schedule. You may find for example that many trades which expire in an hour are inaccessible to you, but that you can easily participate in those which take a few days to expire.

“$400!” you may be thinking, “Why would I need that? My broker says I can get started with just $100, and if I do, I will get a match bonus of 100%, so that is already $200. Why do I need to deposit more money to trade?”

Check your broker’s FAQ (or have a look at our broker reviews) to find out the minimum trade size. Most brokers will not let you trade as little as $1. In fact, the majority start out their trades at $5 (for 60 Second trades) or $10 or $25 (for all other trade types). If you deposited $100 into your account and tried to trade $25, you would be trading a quarter of your account! If you lost just four trades in a row—not much of a losing streak at all—you could be out of money just like that!

A sound money management plan will call for you to trade around 2.5% of your account. This lets you lose a lot more trades before you lose it all. But what amount is $10 2.5% of? $400. And what if the minimum trade size is $25? Then you are looking at $1,000 for responsibly opening an account. And if you want to make more than $25 (slightly less, actually, since payouts are usually around 80%) per trade, you will need to invest substantially more than that.

So I would say that for most traders in most situations, $400 is the bare minimum necessary to responsibly trade. It will not get you very far very fast. If you want to move along at a more timely clip, you may want to think about investing at least $1,000-$2,000.

6 Things You Need to Start Trading Binary Options Right Now.[read]

While I am on this topic, I want to briefly make mention of bonuses. The majority of binary options brokers are willing to offer you hundreds of dollars or even thousands of dollars in “free” bonus money. You should be cautious about accepting bonuses. Read more about whether bonuses are good or bad .

4. A trading method that is tried and true

For some traders, the highest entry barrier to trading may be the $400 minimum requirement. For others, the highest barrier is likely to be the need for a working trading system. You need a trading method which can easily be codified into repeatable steps, and which you can use time and again to generate predictable profits from the markets. You cannot simply go online and pick a system and learn it and then start trading. You have to test that system yourself on real historical data and then demo test it live before you trade it with real money. Only once you have a working system that you have verified through testing are you ready to trade.

Does a trading system need to be complicated? No, and in fact, the simpler your method is, the more effective it likely will be. That does not mean that finding a good trading method and learning how to use it will be easy, but there is no need to add complexity to this task. When you are a novice, you may have a false mental image of trading as something which requires a ton of indicators and advanced knowledge of every aspect of the economy, but most traders do best by just focusing on a couple of things and learning how to do them really well.

A trading system is just one component of an overall trading plan. Your trading plan helps you to organize other aspects of your trading business, like your schedule, your money management plan, your goals, and more. A trading plan might also be part of a more comprehensive business plan. Once again, the plan you come up with does not have to be complex. It just needs to be focused and effective. It is there as a tool to help you stay on target.

One of the most important things you need to get into binary options trading and do well is a sound mindset. For small bankroll traders, the most important starting quality may very well be patience. When you are getting started with the bare minimum, you are going to struggle. You are going to wish you could trade more money, and rail against the 2.5% limit on your trades. Y ou need to be patient enough to stick with your money management plan. Otherwise you will blow your account. Read tips for trading with a small account here .

Like all traders (even those with big bankrolls), you will also struggle to learn how to trade. Trading is not something that anyone picks up overnight. Locating a trading method which is a good fit for you and becoming an expert at using it can take months or even years. A journey like that requires a great deal of patience and perseverance, especially if you started out with the belief that trading is something you can succeed at overnight.

Becoming a binary options trader takes a bit more than $100 and a simple desire to get rich, but it also is not an inaccessible field of investing with insurmountable entry barriers. It is less expensive and easier to get into than stock trading, for example. If you are dedicated to succeeding as a binary options trader and willing to invest the money, patience and effort you need to succeed, you can get started with a relatively small bankroll. So don’t hold yourself back! Get the minimum you need in terms of resources, get yourself a working trading method, and start trading!


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