Binary Options Trading Strategies

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Binary Options Trading Strategies

A sound trading strategy derives a successful trading. The trading market strategy takes a certain position and by that time the trader must formulate his favorable position in a financial sense. Binary options strategy guide caters the entry and exit levels, besides the money that is expected to be invested.

Formulating Binary Options Trading Strategies

Formulating a strategy is done, taking into consideration multiple assets. Whatever is the asset or assets that are taken; the strategy is done depending on complete analysis. The analysis reveals the line of the asset behavior in a given frame of time. The change in behavior has reasons and the way it is predicted forms the basics of the strategy. One’s strategy is built on the information received, in regard to this aspect as the first step to binary options strategy guide. Binary options trading overall scenario does not entirely depend on the movement amount realized on a particular asset. In fact, it is based only on the direction. It is focused on the direction of the movement and has nothing to do with the quantum of movement. This strategy of binary options is analyzed by the return percentage received than the total sum amount received from its deals. The strategy accepts winning deals even if it has returns in small percentages.

Hedging Binary Options Strategy

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Difficulty. Easy

Hedging is a profitable strategy that involves least risk in this trading. In binary trading option, it includes contracts for a few hours, wherein you can always sell or hold a commodity. You may use full or partial hedging and decide if you wish to sell the commodity or not. Partial hedging is where you may sell half of your shares and this trend moves as the trader’s desire. On the other hand, the full hedging is where you earn full profit on selling the commodity and this is done usually when one smells danger to a particular investment.

Straddle Binary Options strategy

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Difficulty. Easy

This strategy is the most profitable and highly practiced. Straddle permits a trader to buy the call and put options on the exact understood assets. Here, a trader straddles at a low or high point this particular asset and maximizes the success chances. A binary trader prefers the call option if he finds the market is volatile and opts for the put option if there is a rise in the market position. Using the straddle, it is possible to achieve profit on a single trader for a trader and thereby limiting the losses.

Market Pull Binary Options Strategy

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Strategies in binary trading offer a trader or an investor a safe way of trading. With thorough knowledge about various assets and its financial conditions, a trader can do this trading. Of course, a trader can take the assistance of the economic calendar to understand different assets and its interrelationship. This helps the trader in the market pull strategy that offers an advanced understanding of commodities that can be employed in binary trading. The best strategy guide is the economic calendars and this can be availed from the internet.

Double Red Binary Options Strategy

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Difficulty. Hard

Double red strategy is not for beginners as it is based on scalping techniques. Scalping technique refers to the short term binary option to capture risky moves. This can be used to trade fall or rise or low or high binary options trade. The short term trade nature includes enough risk to be considered as pure gambling. This strategy is rightly used when the market is range bound or calm. This strategy is implemented with short expiration in trades and does not exceed more than 15 minutes of trading. It is effective and proves to offer significant payout trades, thereby facilitating gain to the trader to good trade percentage.


Double red strategy trade is set on 5 min charts when two bearish candles follow a resistance test. In this trading option, the signals generate for 30-60 minutes and not much longer. The method of this strategy begins with identifying resistance levels and support on the daily charts and weekly, narrowing your focus only to 5 minute charts. You have to keep a constant watch for short term potential resistance levels. However, even if the price hits the resistance level, you must wait for the second black candle to close lesser to its earlier 2 candles, signaling to go for puts.

Does Not Suck

The double red strategy’s simplicity is attractive. It is about watching resistance lines that are represented by two sequential bearish candles. The first candle refers to the pattern lower than the earlier bull candle, while the second candles opens above the first candle in a low and also closes below it representing double red. If you get this formation, you may execute a short expiry trade. This does not such is believed as it is a 5 minute chart pattern that is used to target high pay one touch out trades offering 300% returns on trades. Quick making is essential in this trade and so needs you to be alert during the trading process. The advantage of using double red strategy is that it is simple to implement for any experienced trader. However, beginners need to gain some experience to try trading using this strategy.

Main Characteristic

Double red strategy is effective for trading as short term. It consumes very few minutes. The main characteristic is that it enhances the earning profit chances as the market shows bearish movements. The simple formula is to concentrate on the finishing of the first red candle lower and the second candle to begin more than the first candle low level and to finish below it. With this formation in control it is time for the traders to place and understand it is perfect for a double red strategy. This strategy is unpredictable and a risky trade not ideal for beginners. This is considered risky as it needs quick decision without taking the trend or any other resistance or indicators into consideration. This strategy serves right when no big news event is taking place. However, there is required volatility to ensure you profits in this trade.

Binary Options Trading Strategies

Inside Bar Binary Options Strategy

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Difficulty. Moderate

The inside bar strategy does not entirely comprise a complete trade setup. There is a requirement of further price action in order to make our hard-earned money to be trade-worthy. The perfect place of entering the inside bar is by breaking the mother bar low or high, depending on the trend direction.

Right Time Frame

The right time frame of the inside bar strategy depends on the price action. This is because it works excellent on the high time frames. The inside bar works great because it goes smoothly without any noise, as in the lower time frames. Here, you have to keep a watch on the daily chart that is acting as a natural filter and produces patterns calling for cleaner price action that can even place the odds to favor you, provided you are aware of what to look for. The daily time frame works best with inside bar, because it does not occur frequently. Looking at an hourly chart means you will notice multiple inside bars every day. On the other hand, you will find one or two inside bars only for the same currency on the daily chart.

Essential Requirements

The daily time frame is essential for inside bars. The next essential requirement is, it must occur in a trend effectively. An inside bar will not give directional bias clearly. This means, we must constitute an inside bar setup effectively. You can have a nice gain on having a watch over the price action inside bar. However, the inside bars must be in coordination with a strong obvious trend.


The features of the inside bar strategy is that the entry conditions are crystal clean. It is based on simple chart system. This is the reason to see high success rate. The inside bars occurrence in a trend prolonged denotes to look for trade breakouts and to get the benefit of the strong trending moves of the longer term. The popular strategy here is the calls for selling the low and buying the high, through entry orders. This indicates a person must enter an insider bar only when the mother bar breakout is low or high.

Significance of Inside Bars

Inside bars may be viewed in strong trends with the trend patterns, while at key levels with potential reversal patterns. The strategy of inside bar denotes a pause after a trend in the price movement, regardless of if it is up or down. This is the reason it is considered to be a trend reversal indicator at key levels, while in a strong trend, it is within the trend setup. Analyzing the inside bar is essential. This is because the low and high of the inside bar are within or inside the low and high of the day before, denoting the traders unwillingness to promote the price lower or higher. As traders hesitate to push the price, increased movement is anticipated after a period. Hence, the inside bars prompts the traders are waiting for a big next move.

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