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Insider book writing secrets to write a bestselling book from scratch (even if you’re just beginning!)

Despite the hype, it is possible to write a great book quickly, without the years of crisis and anguish. Yes it’s HARD. Book writing is one of those things that doesn’t really get easier, and there’s a ton of memes to prove it.

But there are three main reasons most writers fail:

#1. They are writing for themselves. They don’t know their audience. They are writing what they think will be good and spending months or years polishing, without getting real feedback, considering the market or researching the competitive titles.

If nobody WANTS your book, nobody will buy it, not matter how good it is. So FIRST you need to figure out what people want to read, what’s selling, and how you can write something similar or better.

This doesn’t mean selling out or becoming a hack. It’s about producing value. If OTHER people don’t enjoy, appreciate or benefit from reading your book, the truth is you don’t deserve to get paid.

Writing a book is still a personal accomplishment, even if it fails to become successful, but wouldn’t you rather write a book people love? You can! But you have to do it on purpose.

#2. They didn’t plot or structure their book. Not every writer has to plot; some people hate plotting. But those who succeed anyway are probably doing a lot of other things write, things you probably won’t figure out on your own. Luckily there are tons of resources. I would start with my simple book plotting outline templates. It’ll help you structure the major turning points of your story.

#3. The huge mistake most authors make, is not having enough conflict, drama and suspense in your book. If people don’t keep reading, nothing else matters.

After years of study, I’m created some writing tips and rules to help you improve your novel by fixing the tension.

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