Crowdsourced Proofreading, Anyone?

In an ideal world, your manuscript should be edited four times:

  1. a story/structural edit
  2. line edit
  3. copyedit
  4. proofread.

But what do you do if you’re broke?

This is the situation in which I find myself. After sitting on a completed novel for more than a year without funds to pay for a proofreader, I’ve just decided–fuck it. Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!

Naturally I have edited and proofread my manuscript multiple times, but it is impossible for an author to spot all the minor flaws in a 65,000-word novel.

So, let’s try an experiment. Can crowdsourced proofreading replace traditional proofreading?

Here’s my pitch. Download the beta version of the book in PDF. Have a read through. Shoot me an email before the end of July with your findings, and I will credit you with gushing geysers of gratitude in the back matter.

The book is far future post-apocalyptic science fiction.

I will then report back to end the suspense: Will crowdsourced proofreading save the day? Will our eager hero land a multi-gazillion dollar contract with the Publishing Gods of Zafursto 9? Or will the evil typo gremlin succeed in puncturing holes in our hero’s literary space vessel?

Stay tuned…

Written by: J.M. Porup

Novelist J.M. Porup is An American Dissident in Exile. Read More


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