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Ebook Marketing 101: Tips on How to Market An Ebook

Tons of ebook purchases are done everyday. To be able to sell a hefty amount of ebooks per day, you must first know how to market an ebook!

Tip #1: Announce your book’s release.

Let the netizens know that your ebook is available for download! Do this on various social media and forums that are related to your subject matter.

Tip #2: Talk about your book on social media.

Create a page for your ebook on social media platforms and talk about your book regularly – what is it about, why it is important, etc. It would also be good if you can relate your book to something that is popular at the moment. One of the secrets on how to market an ebook on social media is to avoid being spammy with download links. This will drive away potential readers instead of drawing them in. Just keep your posts interesting to make people want to check your book out.

Tip #3: Create a blog.

A blog will enable you to write about your book, as well as other articles related to your topic more often. Through blogging, you’ll be able to showcase your writing prowess, and show your readers how knowledgeable you are as an author. Your blog will help increase the exposure of your ebook and will possibly attract more readers to download it. Make sure you provide a download or purchase link in your blog too, to make it convenient for potential customers to get a copy of your ebook.

Tip #4: Guest post on popular blogs.

Popular blogs have more traffic and may have more influence than your newly-created blog. If you find a popular blog that allows guest posting, go for it! This is a no-cost way of promoting your ebook to a wider online audience. Make sure to write something interesting, so that readers would want to read through the whole thing.

Tip #5: Hold contests and giveaways.

People love free stuff! You can hold contests and giveaways on your blog, wherein you let people complete simple requirements in order for them to get a chance to receive a free copy of your ebook. You can also give free copies of your ebook to selected readers and ask them for reviews in return. It’s a win-win situation – they get a free ebook, you get your book reviews.

Tip #6: Consider the wide range of marketing packages online.

The internet provides a wide range of marketing packages from various online marketing companies. You would only have to choose the best company that offers the best marketing package that suits your needs and pay for it. Although they would do most of the job for you, you must never stop marketing your ebook on your own as well.

These tips on how to market an ebook are so simple, don’t you think? Try them out and watch your sales go up, up, and up!


Written by: Jill Bennett

Jill Bennett is a Book Marketing Specialist at LitFire Publishing, a self-publishing company in Atlanta, GA. Read More


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