How I earned 428, 000 rubles (or $) on binary options

Start Earning money todayHow I earned 428, 000 rubles (or $) on binary options

“How I earned 428,000 rubles (or $13.375) on binary options”

Hi, my name is Anna.

Welcome to my site!

On this page I would like not only to tell you my story on how I earned on binary options at OptionBit. but also confirm my words with real proofs, in order to show everyone that earning on binary options is a real opportunity.

Lots of people are concerned with the questions like: How to earn on the Internet? Is it possible to earn on the Internet? Where to invest money to? Where to find extra profit? etc.

Before I started earning on binary options, I also asked myself those questions (questions concerning getting a profit, as I had no money to invest). I entered these questions in search engines, tried to make some methods work. However, most of them failed to bring me much money. So I kept on searching.

One day I read an article on the web on how to make money on binary options. Now I see that it was one of the happiest days of my life!

Below you can see a screen-shot of my personal cabinet at OptionBit which confirms that my profit accounts to 428,000 rubles (or $13.375 ). Click on the picture to enlarge it.

(If you doubt in authentity of this screen shot, I suggest you watch the video “How I Make Profit at OptionBit” . At the end of this video, I show my profit which increased from 428,000 to 433,000 rubles in 12 minutes).

Before learning about binary options, I was on my maternity leave and had no constant source of profit (i.e. I had no profit at all).

And what is more, I was on the brink of bankruptcy: after losing at the online casino, I used all the money on my credit card and already started using my another card.

After I understood that it was impossible to make a steady profit on online gambling, I resumed searching for a source of real income on the web. So I came across a VIDEO on how to make money on binary options every day. Of course, I had no slightest idea what ”binary options” the word combination meant. Still, I decided to take a risk.

I made my first deposit on January 29, 2013. Right on the first day, I earned 972 rubles. I made 4 stakes of 300 rubles each, and all of them turned out to be profitable. I got 81% profit! I was so happy!

I made some calculations: if I make 972 rubles every day, I can earn 972Х30=29,160 a month! It was a good profit, so I decided to continue trading. But first I increased my deposit, so I could raise my stakes from 300 to 600 rubles. So, every stake could bring me 486 rubles instead of 243 rubles.

So what are those binary options? – This is what makes you wonder.

Binary options is a prediction of some asset price changing (e.g. EUR/USD exchange rate). If you assume that in 30 minutes the rate for some asset will be higher than the current rate and your prediction turns out to be correct, you will get 81% profit on your deposit. It is worth noting that profitability does not depend on a final price difference in pips. It directly depends on the price for a traded tool (asset) changing its direction. You can choose any interval: from 5 minutes to several days. If you prediction turns out to be wrong, you lose your stake.

From the screen shot above, you can see that most of my predictions turned out to be correct, and I managed to earn 428,000 rubles (or $13.375 ). Now I am no more in the red! This proves that you can really make profit on binary options. All the proves are given below.

And now let’s get to the proofs.

Here is a screen shot of sections Cash Desk/History of Transactions and Cash Desk/Withdrawal Requests from my personal cabinet. You can see that I made a deposit of 122,500 rubles (marked green with a Deposit comment) and withdrew 562,155 rubles (marked red with a Withdrawal comment). Here you can also find information on received and debited bonuses, and corrections (however, I don’t know what corrections are).

Now take a look at screen shots of my personal cabinet at Avangard and Sberbank banks providing information on crediting money to my credit cards. For security measures, I had to delete my personal information. To enlarge a screen shot, click on it.

From the screen shots above, you can clearly see that my credit cards were credited with the amount of 559,107.83 rubles (or $17.500 ) . You must wonder: where does the difference between my profit (+ 428,001.66 rubles ) given in my personal cabinet and the amount of funds credited to my credit cards come from?

Firstly. the amount of funds credited to my accounts includes my costs, i.e. I got my deposit (122,500 rubles) back.

Secondly. OptionBit sends funds (funds that exceed your deposit, i.e. your profit) via bank transfer in foreign currency. This means that OptionBit converts rubles into US dollars or Euros at market rate. When money comes to the receiving bank (in my case this is Avangard bank), it is converted into rubles and credited to the account at the internal rate of the receiving bank. The above-mentioned difference is made by these conversions that make my profit even bigger.

Thirdly. a 4,529.00 ruble bonus which was credited to my trading account as a gift is not included into my “profit“ figure.

Of course, you want to know over what period of time I made such an impressive profit. To count the total amount of trading days, I decided to find out how many days of each month I dedicated to trading. It turned out like this: January – 2 days, February – 3 days, March – 14 days, April – 1 day, May – 9 days, June – 6 days.

Thus, just in 35 days of trading I earned 428,001.66 rubles (or $13.375 ).

To sum up, I can say about reliability and stability of OptionBit broker. It offers a convenient and steady platform that works flawlessly and allows making minimum investments and earning up to 81% of profit.

Moreover, I can assure you that binary options is a real opportunity to make money on the Internet. It is a profitable investment, an opportunity to get additional income, and for some people – an excellent extra job.

ATTENTION! Minimum deposit offered by OptionBit broker via my website amounts to $100 or 3,000 rubles. Minimum stake amounts to $10 or 300 rubles. If you register directly or via other websites, you minimum deposit will amount to 6,000 rubles, or $200.

Below there are several VIDEOS which will give you answers to some questions concerning OptionBit platform:

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How I earned 428, 000 rubles (or $) on binary options

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How I Make Profit at OptionBit My profit increased to 433,000 rubles!

My advice is to try. I am sure that you won’t regret your decision! Good luck with your trading!

After you register and enter your personal cabinet, at BROKERS section of my website you will find information on peculiarities, opportunities, and order of actions for successful trading at the OptionBit platform. To receive stable profits, remember to learn the strategies given on my website.

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Start Earning money todayHow I earned 428, 000 rubles (or $) on binary options


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