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How to Get Publishing Clarity, Progress, and Prosperity

Publishing a book is a long and winding road full of twists and turns.

Often, our journey ends up looking nothing like we expected. 

The problems we most feared never materialize, and others we didn’t even imagine end up frustrating us and holding us back.

Is it any surprise that a lot of authors get worn down, confused, or even fully burnt out along the way?

Perhaps that’s how you’re feeling right now.

Are you unsure of the right way to move forward? Or if you should even move forward at all?

If you’re feeling frustrated and unclear about a publishing project, please read on. 

We’re going to share a mixture of tips and techniques to help you regain your clarity and focus, allowing you to get your project back on track. 

Break your pattern of frustration

For a lot of writers, the reality of writing a book doesn’t always meet up to their expectation. 

Let’s say this is something you’ve dreamed of all your life. A real bucket list item. And now you’re actually sitting down to make it happen. So why do you feel frustrated?

It might be that you were kind of naive. Perhaps you didn’t think about the number of hours you would need to make it happen, or didn’t carve out a good place to actually sit down and get the work done.

Or it could be that you do genuinely have a love of book writing, but are going about it in a suboptimal way. You might be trying to write before properly thinking about all the needed steps and having a plan in place to work through them. 

Sometimes, the frustration you feel might not actually come from your writing itself. It might be the other things that are going on in your life that are impacting your work.

Try and make sure you have everything in balance as otherwise your writing will suffer. 

Try tools to lessen your stress

Once you’ve explored where your stress is stemming from, it’s time to find ways to lessen it and make it manageable.

Thankfully, there are some good tools out there to aid our writing efforts and lighten our mental load a little bit.

One of the best options for when you’re feeling overwhelmed is to get your thoughts out of your head and onto paper, or a screen, instead. Mind mapping is a great way to do this and can help with the planning of your writing as well as the writing itself.

Sometimes, your stress might come from boredom and frustration at the state of your current project. If you want to make progress, shift your attention elsewhere temporarily. Try a writing prompt generator to force yourself to focus on something different. You can also try writing a totally different style to regain your energy and enthusiasm. 

When you are feeling less stressed, you can return your focus back to your main project.

Refresh your mind with new ideas

We can feel stuck in a rut when we spend too much time trying to move past a problem without seeing any progress. 

When that occurs, it can be good to switch your mind from ‘solution’ mode to ‘learn’ mode. Why not go and read an interesting article about writing or learn about something totally different like book covers and how they are made

Ironically, by turning your conscious attention away from what was bothering you, it frees your subconscious to work on the original problem and come up with a solution. Clarity might suddenly strike when you least expect it. But it never would have if you had remained consciously focused and frustrated on your original woe.

Turn to others for help 

The final thing to keep in mind is that you don’t have to solve everything on your own. You can talk things through with other authors and get advice. You can also get professional service providers to work on parts of your project that are too far outside your skillset to work on.

So if you decide that the help of others is what you need, where should you seek it?

  • Speak to writers within your network to see how they coped with similar challenges. 
  • Consult self-publishing service providers and see if they could enhance your publishing project.
  • Read writer forums and other places where people might be solving similar challenges.

It’s inevitable that you will run into difficulties along the way and other people are often the best option to move past them. But it’s important to give as much as you get.

Try and provide even more support to other writers than you expect to receive in return. This way you are genuinely adding value, making people far more likely to want to help you out. 

Are you ready to move forward

Do things seem a little more manageable now?

Publishing isn’t easy and it’s inevitable we will face tough times and ups and downs along the way. 

What’s important is recognizing when something is difficult and finding a way to overcome it.

With that attitude, you will be able to move through the tough times of publishing with an attitude of resilience and strength. 

Written by: Chandler

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