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How You Know It’s Time To Get Published

(By Sasa Calunod)

You write a book, finish it, then get published. Simple, right? Wrong. Timing is everything. It’s a pretty used up line, but it is true for all things. Now, you have just finished writing your book, that’s just the beginning. You need to do some finishing touches and then proceed to publishing. But, how do you know for sure that the moment is right? Below is a step-by-step guide on how publishing works in this day and age. Rather, it is an archetypical itinerary of what happens when an author has just finished writing a book.

Step 1. Self-assess

This doesn’t mean lack of confidence in what you’ve written. It is important to at least try to spot your own errors first before getting a second opinion. There’s nothing wrong with being your own critic once or twice in your career. When you aim for your book to take the world by storm, you must be first to judge your own work. Re-read as many times as possible. Don’t  be too wary about how long it might take. That way, you would know how high to set your expectations on the success of the book.

Step 2. Collaborate

When you think you’re ready to share your own review to someone trustworthy, the next step would be to re-tell the story to your chosen team of experts. Yes, they are professionals and know exactly what to do with the book without further instructions from you. But basically, I’m telling you to express to them what your vision for the book is, not directions on what to do exactly. This is an essential step because you need to transfer the distinct intentions of your heart and mind, which is very hard for many people to completely empathize with. Of course, if they offer you any suggestions which you think is fit and beneficial for your book, be as open to them.

Step 3. Multi-task

Sure, you need to always be in the know of what’s going on with the publishing committee. As the author of the book, you are, of course, the head. Still, now that you have a team helping you with the project, you should  go on further (apart from the team) with the process of branding your book by working on the cover letter. This is a more productive way to kill time, instead of getting anxious about how your book is doing in the hands of your reviewers, editors, cover designers and publishers.

Step 4. Relax

Did I just say that? As a matter of fact, I did. According to an old Chinese proverb, “too much of anything can be bad”. You need to clear your head for at least a short period of time, so that when it’s time to deliberate with the team about the final decisions for the book, you will know exactly what to tell them.

Step 5. Publish

But of course. You have been patient enough and so it’s time to launch your rocket. Who says you can’t shoot for the moon? Success can be achieved by patience and persistence. Don’t forget to thank the people who made it possible for you. Celebrate, even though success is uncertain. You have accomplished something that not just about anyone can. Authors have bragging rights on being just a little bit better than everyone else by being able to publish a book.

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