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Improve your writing with 4 magic words (best craft books for writers)

Almost everyone will tell you that there’s no way to teach the magic of writing, all you can do is suffer the mystery and stumble through it, battling your own blindness and inexperience the whole way through.

But this is only because humans have always been suspicious of knowledge. How deep can we probe until our understanding eclipses the wonder and turns the sacred into the profane?

For writers who want to understand their craft, however, the common and prevailing belief that studying writing tactics, formulas, rituals or deliberately improving in any logical way – often with a goal to sell more books or entertain readers – isn’t helpful.

The truth is, knowledge may remove some of the wonder, but it makes up for it with ability and power – so you can become a sorcerer of words and cast spells over readers, even while experiencing new levels of creative insight and literary fulfillment.

I’ve discovered how to use four magic words to tell a captivating story, with more depth, structure and skill than most authors ever manage, and I’ve collected some of my best tips in a 500+ page book on the craft of writing, to help those authors who are ready to level up and start sharing their gift in a bigger way.

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It includes all my previous work on outlining and story drafting, including The Plot Dot story grid and my 24 chapter novel plotting template.

But it goes SO much deeper into the art, science and magic of book writing.

When I started, I write through dozens of the best books for writers – here’s a list of some of my favorites. And while some of those are really good, and I definitely owe them thanks for what I’ve learned, they weren’t enough. I had to struggle for a decade to write my first novel, then help hundreds of authors improve their manuscripts as a developmental editor, before I started teaching writing courses (and getting 3 million youtube views).

25 best books for authors who want to improve their craft.

What I’ve learned since has never been made public before, so I know there are things in this book you won’t be able to get anywhere else. Wouldn’t it be great to write faster, better, with more confidence? To finish books readers love without worrying about whether or not you’re good enough to make a living as a writer?

Visit and learn more about the book – for a limited time you’ll get a free writing course as well.!

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