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Is Buck Books the Next BookBub?

I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about Buck Books lately. So I sent an email to Matt Stone, the genius who runs Buck Books. Was it as good as I had heard?

During the week, Buck Books runs 99 cent promos, and promotes free ebooks on Fridays. Since I’m more interested in gaining visibility than selling copies at the moment, I asked him if we could do a free promo for my perma-free satire, Food-Free at Last: How I Learned to Eat Air.

Here are the results:

Food-Free at Last promo results

So it looks I gave away around 600 copies, and hit an Amazon (free) sales rank of around #300.

What’s more, since I’m on the Buck Books mailing list myself, I know that Food-Free at Last fits in pretty well with the mostly non-fiction books they promote–including many health / diet books. Which means I’m reaching many of the readers I’m most interested in reaching.

Matt was kind enough not to charge me for this free promotion, and I think giving away 600 copies is a fantastic result.

How much would you pay to give away that number of copies to your target audience?

Written by: J.M. Porup

Novelist J.M. Porup is An American Dissident in Exile. Read More


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