Regulated India Binary Options – Legal Platforms for Real Money

Start Earning money todayRegulated India Binary Options – Legal Platforms for Real Money

Regulated India Binary Options – Legal Platforms for Real Money

With the capital value of markets in India growing, the popularity of trading from the country has grown, with more traders emerging and pursuing a range of derivatives. When looking to trade binary options, Top Option is the first choice for any trader residing in India. Their partnership with the markets.com network, one of the oldest networks in the financial sector, lends much credibility and respect on an international scale.

Range of Assets

Providing a diverse offering, Top Option’s tradable assets include currencies, commodities, indices and stocks. Producing derivatives that cover major exchanges on a global basis and predicting the fluctuations of American, Asian and European markets is one of the many choices available to customers, whether focusing on individual stocks or major currency pairs.

With a selection of over 180 instruments, the depth of their offering is very noticeable. Without neglecting smaller currency pairings such as the Singapore Dollar or South African Rand, the currencies of emerging markets has been thoughtfully considered, allowing the trader to speculate on these markets alongside their larger Euro and USD counterparts.

In contrast to other brokers in the field, the unconventional approach taken by Top Option means they also offer trading via BitCoin. With the basic concepts underlying the digital currency easy to understand, the ability to speculate on the success of what may be a digital revolution is certainly one defining feature that sets Top Option apart from other binary options brokers.

Range of Trading Products

Without limiting their customer to only classic binary options, Top Option caters to the needs of all binary options customers. The breadth of their offering expands onto “touch” and “no touch” binary options. In providing their traders with these additional types of options, the considerations available to the trader when constructing a portfolio becomes more elaborate, creating opportunities to speculate the expiration price of the underlying against whether the same underlying will touch a price in the same time-frame.

The control offered to the trader when selecting the duration of their binary option is expansive. With the availability of “SpeedMaster” options, trades can last anywhere between sixty seconds and four hours; catering to both scalpers and trend followers. This versatility is expanded upon as Top Option provides the trader with the ability to manage their binary options trades as they are open.

The ability to manage open trades is unfortunately not common place yet in the industry. With Top Option, managing binary options that, for example, expire in four hours is featured on the platform as showing the profit and loss of the position, allowing you to realise its intrinsic value instantly. This greater flexibility allows for more dynamic hedging of risk by the trader, and increased opportunities to profit; either closing a trade because conditions in the market have changed, or believing that the current value of the option is over or under priced.

ProOption is a product offering that puts Top Option at the forefront of binary options brokers, extending on the idea of position management and further increasing methods in which the trader can seek to profit. Doubling the value of the trade is one possibility available to traders seeking to optimise returns on a correct decision. The ability to extend the time frame of a trade is another feature of the product offering made by Top Option, allowing the trader to extend their period of speculation and create more opportunity to profit.

Web and Mobile Platform

Top Option does away with the necessity to install software on your desktop, providing the user with instant access from their web browser. The intuitive interface and accessibility of the platform provides a clear overview of tradable assets, open positions and important account figures such as overall profit and loss.

Regulated India Binary Options – Legal Platforms for Real Money

Whilst using the web platform, we felt that the overall experience provided would be up to the standards of most trader’s expectations. Rigorous testing has clearly been undertaken as no unpleasant surprises arose whilst using the web platform, stability has clearly been at the forefront of the developers intentions, and great focus has been given to ensure a customer experience that puts trading at the focus of the interaction.

Another advantage of Top Option’s choice of medium is that mobile access to the platform is readily available, straight from your phones browser. We tested this briefly and the interface was exactly as expected, with no loss in the speed of trade execution.

Licensing and Regulation

When reviewing brokers, especially on an international scale, an appreciation of regulation and payment methods is required. Top Option is regulated from within the EU and provides fund segregation for its customers; backed up by CySEC, investor’s funds are covered with insurance up to 20,000 euros.

Encouraging fast transfer of funds and low costs, Fast Bank transfer and Credit card deposits are the top two choices available to investors at Top Option. Payments are widely accepted from a variety of countries, and attention is given to minimising the cost of conversion fees. Since Top Option does not charge deposit or withdrawal fees, these policies are a strong complementing feature of their global focus.

There are a variety of account types available, inviting all skills sets and levels of knowledge, from starter to VIP. Video libraries are provided to all customers with one-on-one training available for deposits of $1000 or more. All customers benefit from 0% commission rates, with the introductory bonuses most relevant to the account level you open. Minimum deposits start at $100, in line with their minimum trade investment of $5.

In summary, Top Option’s focus on customer support and training is industry leading. Customers can trade a variety of assets alongside a depth of binary options choices straight from their web browser in an intuitive and easy to use platform. Benefiting from one-on-one training experience and being updated with newsroom research and updates provided from the broker, a trader can delight themselves with the prospect of a reputable, regulated and informative binary options provider.

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