self-publishing success for indie authors


If you’re publishing a book, you’re either going to have to learn how to do a lot of things yourself, or you’re going to need to pay for help. We try to post a lot of tutorials and walkthroughs to help you learn as much as possible, but if you need extra assistance with your book publishing or building your author platform, here are some services we recommend.


Book Cover Design

Book covers are important, and easy to screw up. If you need a cheap solution, check out

If you’re ready to pay for a professional designer, visit Creativindie book cover designs.

Book Formatting

You’re going to need to get your manuscript converted for Kindle and other ebook stores – you can get something cheap done on Fiverr, or use an automatic conversion tool. There are a lot of resources and some free tools on You’ll also find a package of book design layout templates for both Word and InDesign.

Book and Manuscript Editing

It’s hard to get high quality book editing – the kind that really matters, for less than 2cents per word, and it can cost as much as 8cents per word! There’s a huge range.

You really want to pay for someone who can identify the major story flaws and help you fix the structure and organization first. Otherwise, you’re paying for a cosmetic edit that makes everything pretty but doesn’t fix any of the real problems.

There’s a free guide to self-editing at, and you can also submit a sample there if you’re looking for serious help with research paper writing visit

Author Websites, Book Marketing

After your book is ready to go, you still need to build an author platform and market it. That’s no easy task. We’ve set up a service to help you build your author website, assist in your book launch, and even offer social media support. If you need help with book marketing or author websites, visit