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Binary options are uncomplicated trading opportunity however if you think that you can do it without any prior homework then you are off beam. If you believe that you just have to select a broker, sign-up for the account, start trading and start counting the money then let me inform you that you are doing a huge mistake. Making money with binary is easy but not as easy as kid’s game.

Making money by adopting binary options trading requires some of the exceptional skills which come from implementing what you will be going to read here. However this will not turn your stars but it will definitely help you with best binary options trading. There are a lot of facts and strategies going hand in hand while dealing with binary options these facts and strategies play a leading role in making you a successful binary options trader.

The first thing you should know in ways to make money with binary options is to read the charts. You should know how to read charts if you want to invest here. Charts are the fundamental gadget, which will be providing you with the best knowledge of the instruments previous performance. You just have to analyse the previous performances of these instruments you are interested in and this little bit of your analytical skills will land you in the heaven of success in the field of binary options trading.

Don’t baffle on how to read these charts as they are very easy to read and just requires your analytical skills to predict the future performance for you selected instruments. Chart reading also involves calculating Relative Strength Index (RSI) .

RSI = (The total points gained during the up days /the total points gained and lost) * 100

RSI warns potential reversal in the trend when the market is over-sold or over-brought.

The simplest and safest way of reading the chart is looking at the average. You just have to look price of a particular instrument for a period of time say 20 days and hence you will get the general idea on how your instrument is doing in the market.

You just have to browse “charts software” and “real time charts” and these charts will be made available to you online. For selecting the best chart you should consider the below mentioned requirements:

Real-Time-Data: Select the chart providing you real time data as you can’t afford any kind of delayed data here in BO.

Safe Binary Options Trading

Reputable Provider: Consider a repudiated company with excellent market value and customer service.

Market data coverage: Don’t trust on a single market as most of the trader consider only US market, check out with other important markets like European or Asian market to gain the global knowledge of your instrument.

Indicators: Select the chart with indicators like RSI, MACD and easily moving average no matter which type of chart you select from the bar chart, Japanese candlesticks and point-and-figure chart.

Competitive prising: Select the company or provide with reasonable rates as cheap rate does not mean that the company is not capable enough to help you with trading.


Start Earning money today


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