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If you’re an indie author, you’ve probably heard that guest posting on bigger blogs is the best way to quickly expand your network. But you may feel uncomfortable contacting the administrators or pitching a guest post. Have no fear – this site was made, in part, to help you raise your visibility.

We’d love to post your fresh, interesting, entertaining article.

We enjoy critical thinking pieces about developments or news in the industry. Think the “Letters to the Editor” section of a classic newspaper. Keep your ears to the ground and listen for controversies, revelations, success stories and research studies. Comment on things you notice in the publishing industry, events, conferences and important publishing updates.

We’d also like some very specific, detailed guides to various publishing steps, processes or platforms. (If you also run a services business, these guides are a great way to connect with new clients).

We don’t want anything flagrantly promotional; mention your book or company in your byline, but not in the article (unless your book happens to be the perfect example of the bigger issue you’re addressing, or you’ve just run a successful promotion and you’re posting the results to share the strategy with others).

We don’t want articles that are fluffy and opinionated but ungrounded. Do your research, quote a few people on both sides of the issue, layout pros and cons, and conclude with your opinion. It’s fine to have fun and give it some flair with your own personal voice, but don’t let your puns and wordplay interfere with the message. We won’t post everything that gets submitted to us (if we don’t post it, you can try another site).

All articles will get a stylish byline with your photo (using your Gravatar, so make sure to set that up) and links to your site and social profiles. Since this blog has a high page rank, every link back to your own stuff will increase your own search rankings. Some people buy links from high page rank sites to improve their SEO, which can often cost over $100 for just one link.

How it works

Contact us with your email address and a link to your blog or someplace you have some writing samples. If approved, we’ll add your name and email so you can login to our WordPress account and post new articles.

You can save them, but one of us will check them over before pressing publish, and edit if necessary. If you pick out a picture from, send us the link or image # and we’ll buy it and add it to your article. Make sure you add a category and some keywords.

If you want to get a lot of traffic, stay on top of current events that people are talking about and evaluate or respond to the situation (make sure to put keywords in the post title, so that all the people searching for the topic will find your article).

We’re looking for people who can commit to writing at least 10 articles.

But there’s no rush, you can post 1 a month or 10 a month, depending on how much marketing you want to do. The links will stay up forever so getting 10 articles up fast is an easy way to boost your visibility and platform, as well as increasing traffic to your blog and social media profiles.

And the articles don’t have to be long – sometimes a timely, short comment on a trending issue can be very successful.


Posting format

Start with a powerful title, full of specific keywords.

You can use our our “Title Generator” to help craft titles that get clicked.



Give the background and details, followed by your thoughts.

Conclude with a question (to encourage comments).

Make sure you’ve set up your WordPress User profile fully, so that the bio section displays correctly.
You’ll need to set your social media profiles for the icons to work, and if you want a link to your website you need to add it in the “biological info” field with html tags like this:

Derek is a book cover designer finishing a PhD in Literature. These days he spends his time building tools and resources to help indie authors publish better on his blog, <a href=“”></a>.

Just use this code:

<a href=“”>and this text will be linked</a>.

Ready to start?

Send us a quick message from our contact page and we’ll send you a password so you can login and start posting.